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Taar by ImVolteon
Different half orc oc.  She's actually Sha'lah's sister.  A nigh perpetually furious prophet of the sun goddess.


Full name:  Sha’lah Ur
Name origin: Elvish
Nickname: Shalalalalal, shalalalabamba, Shallalalalalallll, Shamalamadingdong,Shalala Shalal, etc…
Nickname origin: People
Do they like the nickname?: She’s okay with it
Titles/epithets:  Ringmaster
Sex/gender: Yes, female
Age:  30
Birthday: Winter
Place of birth:  Dem Snowy Ass HIlls
Race: Half Orc half elf


Height: 6’9”
Eye color: Amber
Face shape: Diamond
Distinguishing facial features: Tusks, large nose, wide set jaw,
Other facial features: big cheeks, thick eyebrows, big lips/wide mouth
Who do they most look like?: mom
Describe their smile: Lights up her whole face
Left or right-handed?:  right
How do they dress?: only if they have to.  As little clothing as she can get away with in ‘polite society’
Any special accessories? If so, why are they special?:  Snakey arm band, dragon hunter amulet, beads in her hair.  Snakey is Sha’lah’s eidolon.  He started out as a stuffed toy her father made for her.  If he had to leave behind a physical form when he was away from her, it’d be the band.  Perhaps it was a gift from him.  The amulet is a recent acquisition.  The beads are little things her brother made her.  Made of bone.  Carved by hand.  They’re braided into her hair.
Something they always carry with them: money, and charm ;)
Weapons:  weighted spear
Describe hairstyle: Cut short, but curly, rests around her shoulders, on the right side of her face, the beads hang. 
Natural hair color: dark brown with red highlights in the sun
Natural hair texture:  elf hair, soft and curly,
Cleanliness/grooming: Cleanliness:  Eh.  She cleans herself, but it’s not the most important part of her morning.  Grooming- she’s very impressed by herself, so she takes great pains in her appearance. 
Miscellaneous physical characteristics: “She’s a Brick HOUSE, she’s mighty mighty, just letting it all hang out.”  Sha’lah is built like a brick.  She’s thick, broad shouldered, broad by most definitions of the word, as are most of Orc descent. She’s  got big tusks, which she exposes when flirting, and  she’s chunky.


Pace of speech: Ranges depending the level of shits she gives, whether she’s flirting, ring mastering in their circus, etc.  Generally a moderate pace.
Voice tone:  Shmoozey.  She always wants the best deal, pay me to help you.  Hey how YOU doin? ;)   Her voice is full of charisma. 
Accent: Orc/Eklenian
Describe their laugh: Full bodied.  Sometimes she scoffs.  Giggles.
Describe general speech pattern:  moderate length words, generally tries to acertain how You are doin, All roads lead to rome- all conversations lead to her benefit. 
Mannerisms/demeanor:  Shmoozy!  She likes people, their butts, etc.  She’s flirty a Lot of the time.  All out there.  Everything is designed to draw attention.  She loves to be the center. 
Typical posture:  Never straight up, always dynamic, but she’s no slouch.  Sha’lah’s father made sure. 
Gestures:  Tusk baring for flirting is the main one


Current residence:  Dingy
Do they live with anyone?:   Her brother, their monkey friend, a turtle, an elf, and a “dragon”
Where would they ideally live?: Anywhere.  Everywhere.  The world is her oyster.
Any pets?:  No, Snakey is his own snake.
Current occupation? Are they satisfied with this?: Ringmaster/leader, adventurer.  Yes,
General health: Good.  She’s chunky, but healthy.


Mother’s name: Maar Ur
Mother’s age:  50 at least
Mother’s living status: alive
Father’s name: Halverel
Father’s age: 90 at least
Father’s living status: alive
Describe relationship with parents: Orc mom is a badass, and she loves her.  Sha’lah’s leaving did put a strain on their relationship, but  there are few people she respects as much as Orc mom.
Any other caretakers?:  Xav when she was a baby, I suppose.
Siblings:  Taar, Xav, other orc children, whomever Orc mom said, “HERE This your new brother/sister.  Treat them good.”
Describe their ancestral history: Sha’lah is a strange breed of half orc.  She’s also half elf.  Beyond that, she knows little about her father’s side of the family, as most of them are probably douche canoes.  On mom’s side, she comes from a long and storied line of sexy sexy orcs. 


Describe their sense of morals: Neutral
How do they act in public?: Sexy or if that’s not appropriate, shmoozy.  With Xav, bickery.
How do they act privately?:  Hella sexy, or if that’s not appropriate, it depends.  Sha’lah is very outgoing and generally not vulnerable.
How do they react in a crisis?: Quickly.  If it falls under the range of things she can fix, Boom she’s there. 
How do they view life?: It was invented to be lived!  There is no reason for you to hide, there’s no reason to pretend, if you don’t enjoy it.  Do something that makes you Hella happy.  Have as much fun as possible without hurting other people.  Love your family unconditionally.  Love yourself unconditionally.  Save for tomorrow, but don’t forget to do as much today as possible- just make it cheap.
How do they view death?: “What do we say to the god of death?”  “How You doin?”   She won’t be there after she dies, so what’s the point in having any views on it?
What motivates them?:  Family, sex, life.  What motivates anyone?
What makes them happy?: Food, family, sex, life, chocolate, butts…  Etc.
What makes them sad?:   No food, a lack of money, a lack of butts… etc.
What makes them angry?:  When a bitch decides to fuck with her brother, take her money, or insult her butt.
What humiliates them?: Sha’lah is pretty unflappable, but I suppose if you took away her charisma and left her unable to communicate effectively with another person, it’d embarrass her.  Her communication skills are prized


Who are their close friends?:  Xav, Snakey, Kijura, Mr. T, etc.  She makes friends easily. 
Sexuality:  Poly/pan/dam son
First love: Romantically?  Idk if she’s ever been in love, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t have other first loves.  She loved her imaginary friend Snakey so much that he became real.  That’s some real shit right there.
Current love: money, family, butts, etc
People they dislike/hate: Jeremy


Any psychological issues?: Not really… 
Intelligence level: High
Self-confidence level: Hella high
Optimist or pessimist?: optimist
Emotional or logical?: Emotional
Dominant or submissive?: Dominant
Patient or impatient?:  both?  It depends
Compassionate or self-involved?:  Both?  It depends.  She really loves herself though.
Greatest fear:  Losing everyone she loves, being alone and unable to interact with the world.  Losing herself.
What is their greatest strength?:  Her charisma
What is their greatest weakness?:  Idk really.  She’s not a weak woman.  Maybe her inability to function alone?
Biggest accomplishment?: Snakey
Biggest regret?:  “I don’t have regrets.  I have hopes, aspirations.  As long as I have tomorrow, I will have no regrets. 


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Right now I'm focusing my efforts on character design. That is, I'm filling up my newest sketchbook with drawings of one character, so I can learn to reproduce characters more consistently.

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